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Even though Super8 may sound old-school today, it was a revolutionary new video format at its time of introduction. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for professional as well as consumer film enthusiasts. At this very moment, another upheaval is fundamentally changing the video as well as marketing industry in general. Super8 partners up with you in order to master these new challenges and take advantage of the inherent opportunities.

Moving images are still the most effective way to express ideas and communicate messages and information. Since the free fall of mobile data costs, the applicability of video content for marketing purposes has exploded while consumer demand for video content has risen across various online platforms.

Besides being the most digestible format, video is also more authentic, generates higher reach and is more engaging than any other content form. Indeed, according to a recent study, video content has a 1200% higher chance to be shared on social media compared to text and images.

In Super8’s business, video is not solely aesthetic, but serves as a straight-forward and highly-effective tool to achieve our clients’ marketing goals and provide a measurable, and target-exceeding ROI.  Together with our clients, we analyse awareness and buying processes of their respective audiences and, through the gained-insights, create clear call to action initiatives while disseminating the content on the most-suitable channels.


  • Louis Wagner
    Louis Wagner Managing Partner
    M.Sc. in Financial Economics
    Erasmus University Rotterdam – Netherlands
  • Maurice Delcourt
    Maurice Delcourt Managing Partner
    M.A. HSG in Marketing, Services and Communication Management
    University of St. Gallen – Switzerland

Louis and Maurice both met during their bachelor studies at University of Zurich. Ever since, their mutual passion for videography and entrepreneurship led to multiple cooperations in marketing strategy projects, as well as a close friendship. In 2013, Louis cofounded L-Pod S.àr.l., a Luxembourg-based digital marketing agency, and became its managing partner. Maurice joined later as a marketing consultant which led both to gain an in-depth knowledge and expertise of the industry and its fundamentals.

During their master studies in Rotterdam and St. Gallen, they specialized in the areas of Finance and Economics as well as Marketing and Communication Management respectively, while always staying in close contact and further pursuing their passion next to their studies. Thereafter, both further pursued their career in a leading marketing agency and a tier one investment bank in Zurich, only to know that their future will be in their shared company, doing what they loved most: producing videos, focusing on effective marketing and delivering value to their customers.

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