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BIL Academy
BIL Academy
BIL Academy
Promotional Video for the Academy Programm of the Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL)
Fit 4 Start
Fit 4 Start
Aftermovie of the Fit 4 Start Graduation Day that we produced for Luxinnovation.
Hary Putz Immobilière
Hary Putz Immobilière
Hary Putz Immobilière
A series of employee, service offer and promo videos we produced for Hary Putz Immobilière et Promotions in Ettelbruck.
Start Summit
Start Summit
Start Switzerland
Aftermovie we realized for the Start Summit in St. Gallen in March 2018.

Are you prepared for the next online revolution?

By 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video content

*Cisco Visual Networking Index

Online video content has seen an impressive growth path in the recent past and is expected to even further increase its global expansion in the upcoming years. Consumers leaving the classical broadcast and TV universe for good and opting for online video and streaming solutions (e.g. VOD, Webseries, Vlogs, etc.) represent a multitude of new interaction opportunities for SMEs as well as large corporates.

Already today, more than 50% of video content is viewed on mobile devices. This requires new approaches to video production, such as vertical format filming and fast story telling.

At Super8, we put the emphasis on understanding your company’s DNA before moving on to strategy and implementation. The analytical background and experience, reaching from marketing and strategy to finance and investment banking, which we can rely on is setting a strong foundation to understanding and taking advantage of your business’ opportunities as well as counter-fighting its threats.

Combined with the technological knowledge and creativity of our individually customised production crew, Super8 is uniquely positioned to develop and implement your video content strategy, disseminate the right message to the right target audience in an understandable way and  thereby achieve a measurable ROI.

Youtube is the second largest search engine on the web.

The amount of “How to” requests on the platform rise by 70% every year.

SEO on Video platforms is now more important than ever and having a clear video strategy has become inevitable.

Our Services

Social Media Content

Social Media video content is about to explode in 2019. Whether it's a vertically produced video for Instagram/Facebook or a vlog-like editing for YouTube publishing: We are your ideal partner for producing high quality content in the most suitable format.

Corporate Vlogs

The huge successes of famous youtube vloggers acquiring an impressive reach over the recent years is a proof for the huge opportunity that this approach to video as an ‘influencer format’ provides companies with. Indeed, it enables companies to communicate in a direct and authentic way with their customers and communities.

Event Coverage

Our vision is to share event experiences with the outer world and enlarged stakeholder masses. We enable companies to transfer the knowledge and atmosphere of their event to as many people as possible and expand the reach of the key messages to a maximum.

Drone Filming

We love to produce beautiful drone footage! Click the following button for further information.

We master the whole process

Super8 is a full-service video agency. We are marketing professionals with a strong conceptional and creative background. Our longstanding expertise in video content production enables us to reach and exceed your marketing goals. While you focus on your daily business, we handle everything from story development up to publishing your video to the most suitable channels. The process is rounded-up by our comprehensive publication performance analysis that allows you to ascribe a clear ROI to your campaign.


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