Video productions

Super8 video productions


Lean video production 

and high scalability define our overall videography and photography approach

Innovative formats

to communicate corporate and institutional messages with out-of-the-box video concepts

Adapting to market needs

such as new channels and insights from marketing research in Luxembourg and Switzerland


Super8 provides video solutions that perfectly match bold creativity with corporate and institutional needs, based in Luxembourg. We provide a full range of services: from corporate videos based on elaborated concepts, strategic messaging, interview videos, promotional edit, documentaries, logo animations, event videos to tailor-made formats in photography

They trust us

The Super8 Team

‘If a picture is worth a thousand words and videos are recorded with over 24 images per second, think about the stories you’ll be able to tell!’

‘Video is simply the best mean to let your audience feel the core emotions that you want to convey as a brand. We help you get the narrative right and develop a deeper connection with your audience.’

‘Video is a construction of light, an idea, an expression. How is it constructed? By understanding your values, your needs and your goals.’

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